Save on Kitchen Remodel With Refacement Or Refinishing

You just moved into your new house that you picked at a bargain basement price. The reason for the wonderful price is that it needs a some work particularly in the kitchen. Just remodeling the kitchen alone can cost a small fortune let alone the rest of the home. What is a person to do if you only have a small amount of cash and want the biggest bang for you buck?

One of the most expensive pieces of a kitchen remodel are the cabinets. They have to look nice as they are very prominent but a complete tear out for new cabinets is expensive in labor and materials. Fortunately, there are two much less costly options if you are willing to take on a do-it-yourself project. And don’t worry – neither one takes super powers in order to complete them!

The more expensive of the two options is refacing your cabinets. With refacement, you purchase a kit of veneer and new doors. Several manufactures sell the kits so it is likely you will find a finish that appeals to you. The basic process is quite simple – remove all the doors, apply the new plywood finish to the cabinet ends, cover the front of the cabinets around where the doors would be with veneer, and install new doors and hardware. Once this is done your cabinets look brand new with a slightly different style! Plus you will have saved about 80% on the cost of a complete reinstall.

Things to keep in mind: Be sure to clean the cabinets before applying the new veneer. It might not stick very well if it is not cleaned. Also, be precise and sure before making any cuts. The job will only turn out as good as your cutting skills so pays to make sure you are cutting in a stable environment and not just “free handing it”.

The second and even cheaper alternative is refinishing. With this option you retain all of your cabinetry but you simply strip it and repaint or stain them. It can be more work than refacement as you have to address every single surface and repainting is time consuming. However, it is much cheaper than even refacement since your only costs are painting or staining supplies and perhaps new hardware for a slightly different look. If you are really tight on funds but have the time, this is a great way to get a new look.

Now there is no excuse not to improve the look of your kitchen. If you spouse protests over costs, you can educate them on alternatives and you can both be happy!